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    Ruby and Sydney here,

    Why thank you very much for the compliment. It was very nice and let us just say you are quite the good looker yourself. After seeing your post, Sydney and I were having a serious discussion last night about which one of us you were referring to. Duncan got tired of the discussion and only wanted to go to sleep, so we have agreed you were probably talking about both of us. Duncan is in the other room and he said he didn't think you were referring to him since, as a big strong male, he can't be pretty. Handsome, dashing, debonair and the most interesting dog in the world for sure, but never pretty.

    We are off to our next big adventure. Duncan came across some pictures of the two of us when we were mere pups and he is wanting to post some of them. Oh, and he will include more of his sage advice and Cavalier guidance on preparing to live with a new Cavalier puppy. We admire him for doing it because he's a little bummed. Turns out, since he only came to live with us when he was about 2, Mom and Dad don't have any pictures of him as a puppy. So he has agreed to live vicariously through us and include the very first picture Mom and Dad took of him despite him being about 2 at the time and no longer technically a puppy. See you soon!

    Ruby, Sydney, and Duncan in Virginia
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