I figured that since we are sharing photos of all the kids, then I should do the same. I have a managarie of animals with three dogs and two cats...and a fiancee. tee hee

Here is kitty #1. Her name is Ohana and is quite the princess. She refuses to drink out of the bowl (how uncivilized!!) and must have running water, preferably filtered from the sink. lol.

Here is kitty #2. This is Bacon. yes, Bacon. We chose this name for him because when I got him from the Humane Society, he was an obvious favorite amongst the workers who gave him large portions of their sandwiches at lunch time. He was so fat he could feed a family of four.

Here is my Stewie Magooie. He is named after the baby on Family Guy because is is pure concetrated evil. But oh so much fun

This picture is of my beloved Frodo, who passed away two years ago...so sad. But this is him taking a bath with Ohana imagining Bird soup for dinner (she had nothing to do with his death...or so she swears)

And of course, Wesley and Cody...and my fiancee's hairy foot