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Thread: Copy Cat

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    Oh bless them all . Maxx loves chasing squirrels too He goes loopy in the garden but never gets near enough to them. His wuffing then starts Charlie off on a barking spree .

    Linda, I hope Dudley hasn't got too much of a headache, poor baby You know, I've never seen a black squirrel We used to have a colony of beautiful red squirrels in the woods near where I grew up but the grey squirrel has killed them all off now and they are almost extinct

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    These stories reminded me of when we had our little cav and the time he once caught a mouse. He chased it into a corner of the bedroom, but I think the poor little thing died of fright.
    He and our Jack Russell also used to chase cats and once he got so excited, he started baying.
    No heaven can heaven be, if my cavalier isn't there to welcome me.


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