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Thread: Exposure to Parvo 3 months post Dhlppc

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    Default Exposure to Parvo 3 months post Dhlppc

    I took Toby to my daughter's house, not knowing that she had a sick puppy she had just gotten 3 days before. Toby only got out of the car, walked thru the yard, into the house for less than 3 min, then they found the puppy dead. Yikes. I put Toby right back into the car, rushed home and checked his med records, and he had his Dhlppc on Aug 10. Tho he was only 7 months at that time, the med rec states it was an adult dose.

    That was 7 days ago, and he seems just fine, but, .....and this is a HUGE freakin BUT, today, for the first time since I've had him (2mos) he vomited on the floor while I was at work. Nose is still cold. Eating just as picky as usual, and stools firm as can be.

    Do I have any reason to still be worried?

    And, here's a corker, I was at Petco today and some gals had puppies they were trying to give away in front of the store, and I brought one home. She is 7 weeks old and had her 1st puppy shot 3 days ago.

    I totally blame the "How Could You" story on another thread for this. Tho that story was about an abandoned dog, this puppy is so damn ugly that I was sure she would never be chosen. Think Monkey Dog, with a gorilla/horse face. With odd tufts of fur sticking out here and there over her face and body. All in All, she is adorable. As of now, I am calling her Grilla-Girl. Toby has been so lonely when I am at work, I hope that she will be company for him.

    So far, since I brought her in, all he has done is drool like he never has before, I'm talking Saint Bernard,, hanging off his jaws, drool. I did discover pretty quickly that Toby drools when he is nervous, especially when I take him in the car. Is that common in Cavs? His breeder said that it was typical in hot weather or under stress.

    I'm not particularly concerned, I'd bet money that by tomorrow they will be running thru the house, chasing one another.

    But, getting back to the Parvo issue, Do you think my Toby is safe, and is there anything more I should do regarding the new puppy?

    I really appreciate the love and information that you provide, every day, especially to people like me, who really didn't know what we were getting into with Cavaliers and their frailties.
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    You need to be talking to a vet on such a serious issue, not posting to a discussion board. Please do so right away. Also if you were around a dead puppy with parvo, you could have carried that on your shoes into your house exposing this new puppy. The parvo virus can live for months which is why getting it in any kennel is considered a crisis situation. Usually a quarantine of many weeks is impsoed in such cases.

    Usually a dog with puppy injections complete will be protected two weeks after the second series but not always. Your new puppy will not be protected fully against parvo and you older dog may not be. If he is vomiting I would have called the vet that nanosecond.

    Please, please call your vet and get proper medical advice.
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