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Thread: Dog door flaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arasara

    First off, sorry to hear that charlie had e.coli!! What an awful thing to have to go through.!! It seems like he's had a lot of things going on with him!! Poor little guy.

    Secondly, can I ask how old Charlie is? Reason being is right now Kosmo is 9 months old. He doesn't have accident in the house.. EVER. Reason being though, and I am totally convinced, is because I take him out and WATCH him while he goes. That way I know when he's gone, what he's done, and I have a better understanding of when he'll have to go again. I also feel better to know nothing's happened like Jen had happen to her. Doggie doors work well for some people, but I know a few people who installed them and they were rendered useless except for when the post man or company came.
    Hi Sara, Charlie's 17 weeks, Except for this morning I can't remember the last time he had a poo accident in the house, and that was my fault because I didn't get up quick enough (6am this morning)!!
    He still uses his pads for his wees but this is getting less and less through the day and there's only 1 wee on the pad in the mornings. I'm only considering the door flap because of the layout of my house and the fact that we can't always see when he's stood waiting, plus he doesn't seem to have any routine of when he goes, sometimes he goes straight after his food and other times he doesn't , when he doesn't we never know when it's going to happen! some people say 20 mins after but with charlie it's anyones guess!!
    Obviously I'd still be monotoring his jobs and we'd be able to tell when he's outside as we'd hear him tearing around on the gravel

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    I have a flap on the back door so that everyone can access the cat run and the dogs will use this if they get caught short, i also have one on the livingroom door, the kitchen door, a door into the eaves and on the bathroom door
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    LMAO Ste, your house is animal friendly then?

    My friend used to have this black labrador and they put two dog flaps in for him. One in the kitchen door and one in the utility room door so that he could get out the garden when they weren't in.

    Simba never used the flaps but her teenage sons did several times when they got locked out It used to worry me half to death that if they could get in and out then so could a burglar

    They've now got new doors - without flaps

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    I would worry that the fob might malfunction, making it impossible for the dog to get back inside.

    I'm not comfortable with the idea of my dogs going outside without my knowledge or if I'm not there to keep an eye on them.

    There have been situations described on this message board where dogs (mine included) chew on sticks, eat dead birds, eat dead mice (which might have been poisoned!), eat acorns, toadstools, mushrooms, catch live rabbits, kill mice, etc. etc. Even a cat coming into the garden could scratch their eyes!

    In addition, what Kirsty said about dog poop - in order to know if my dogs are heathy, I need to know when their last poop was and whether they have firm stools or if there's a problem, how serious it is and how long it's been since the problem started. The vet always asks these questions and it's my responsibility to give accurate information.

    In my last house I did have a doggy door in the outer screen/storm door, but not the solid door. So if I was in the kitchen I could open the solid door and they could run in and out, but I was right there watching them through the window or door, so I knew what they were up to.
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