As a child I didn't really like dogs, if we were out and we saw I dog we would cross the road so that I wasn't near it. Then when I was 8 we went out one saturday and visited a puppy! Little was I to know that this little puppy would become my best friend for the next 8 years.

Sam had luxating petella for the first time at 7 months old which required surgery and his other required surgery about 12 months later. I can still remember mum and dad taking turns to sit with him through out the night.

Sam grew into such a gentleman, he really was my best friend, I remember begging him some mornings to go to school instead of me or wishing that I could be a dog too and stay at home cuddling him all day. He was the perfect companion and what I now know as a typical cavalier that raelly was content sitting on your lap all day!!

Unfortunately Sam had MVD and passed away just after his 8th birthday. I still remember holding him tight that night not believing that my best friend wasn't going to be around anymore. We wrapped him up in his blanket to keep him warm and buried him at the bottom of the garden with his favourite teddy.

I can't find enough words to explain just how much you meant to me. Sam, I know that you're waiting for us at the bridge, I can't wait to see you again, I'll never forget your soft fur. Thank you for being my best friend xxxx