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Thread: Wire Hair Terrier/Australian Shepard

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    Default Wire Hair Terrier/Australian Shepard

    I'm not sure if I can post this here, but someone just posted it on a Freecycle board near me. The lady is located in Crystal Lake, IL. Sounds like a good offer if any of you know anyone interested in these kinds of dogs. Here was her posting...

    Hi everyone,
    I have 2 dogs(sisters) age 11 months old that I am looking for a good
    home for. They are the best pups I have ever owned. They are wire
    hair terrier/australian sheperd, The only reason that I have to give
    them up is because I am moving out of state to be with my daughter,
    son in-law and their twin babies. My grandaughter is highly
    allergic to cats and dogs.
    My pups are completely house broken, do not go on furniture, except
    my bed where they are allowed. They do not chew things up. They Love
    kids of all ages and want to play all the time with other dogs. They
    are also crate trained. I have a fenched in yard so that's what
    they are use to. This really breaks my heart to have to give them
    up. I'm trying to keep the 2 together because they have never been
    apart. My pups are really the best mild mannered dogs I have ever
    Right now I'm at my wits end. The shelters are full and will only
    take in strays and I have asked everyone I know.
    So please only serious responses. If I ask to many questions I'm
    sorry, I am only concerned about their wellfares.
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    Welcome to the board!

    This is actually a cavalier breed rescue section, with that focus, and crossposts need to be cavalier-related -- it would make more sense to post this to a general rescue or dog list in the US. We've had one or two other breeds posted in the past, but those were special cases for people in rescue that I know. As there are many, many sites dedicated to rehoming for general rescue -- including Petfinder. com in the US, which would be a good place for these -- I keep this one entirely for cavaliers and breed rescue specifically, as there are almost no cavalier-related breed rescue sites internationally. Thanks!

    Unfortunately this woman's story is repeated thousands of times a day across every country -- everyone always really doesn't want to have to give up their dogs... which are always very nice dogs... but sadly that doesn't make them any easier to home, whatever the breed or mix. It is sad that she needs to home them so quickly after taking on the responsibility of two puppies; seems odd she wouldn't have been thinking of such a big step as moving in with her daughter when she got these only 9 months ago. Maybe her circumstances changed radically. I do hope she can find someone to take them.
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