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Thread: obediance classess

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    I agree! You are all spoiled! I'd love for Coco to meet just one cavalier!!

    I have been taking Coco to puppy kindergarten classes since she was 12 weeks old. Before that I tried some basic training at home with her. I really wanted her to meet other dogs. Unfortunately all the other dogs are really big, but i think it's still been good for her. I really recommend obedience classes! I plan to enroll her in more classes after kindergarten!

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    Maxx had basic obedience lessons when he was tiny but the class closed He is quite well behaved anyway though - even if he does always have to go upstairs and explore Alison's bedrooms when we visit (It's the only place he does it in, thankfully!).

    I really don't know if Charlie has ever had training of any sort except for what I've given him. It took me 6 mths to get him anywhere near confident enough to go near other dogs and since then I have been trying to find a class. I saw one advertised in the Vets the other day and have asked a few people that the Vet Nurse said attends what it's like, apparently very good so we're going to book in as soon as we can

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    We started with Puppy Play sessions, where pups play and socialize, then moved on to Puppy Kindergarten class, then to Level 1 Beginning Obedience, and now we are doing Continuing Obedience classes with a behaviorist/trainer once a week.
    Even with all these classes and practice at home, I still have problems with Riley wanting to pull when we do walks, jumping up on people with greetings, and now that it is fall, totally losing his mind when we see squirrels or large birds on walks. Whew, it's been a lot of work and will continue to be. He is a very confident, extroverted, energetic little guy and he has a strong personality. Training classes were/are a must for me!
    Laura (Momma to Riley, 3 yr. old male)


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