This woman was CONVICTED after a successful federal prosecution by the US Dept of Justice, related to her sale of cavalier puppies.


Approximate age: mid-late 50s. Hair color and style could be different.

She uses several first names -- Claire, Elizabeth, Jolene among them, and the last name Simmons -- as well as other names -- and was selling puppies in Boise and is known to be selling in the Washington state/Portland Oregon area and/or back to Boise, Idaho area under the kennel names Ambiance or Cascade or Regency Park, Essex Cavaliers, or the latest, Regency Cavaliers based in Port Orchard WA.

While in Washington state she was once again checked out by authorities on cruelty charges, as detailed in TV coverage from the Washington area. She was also investigated and pled guilty to various charges when in Idaho.

She uses the name Royalefamily and Ambiance and Essex Cavaliers and essexcavs as a username at various email addresses (eg royalefamily@(nameofhostingservice) and as a kennel name on several pet ad websites as well. She advertises as being based in either Idaho or Washington State or Oregon. More info from the Pet Abuse website on previous arrests and charges and her federal conviction:
Photo of her and other info:

This is all info that is publicly available and because of her FEDERAL CONVICTION, a matter of public record.

I have been sent the formal summaries of five current and past court cases against this particular woman and lo and behold, while she was sending me abusive letters claiming charges had been dismissed from the 2005 case in which she was initially jailed, court records show she actually pled GUILTY to those same charges. She also forges threatening letters -- I have checked these out directly with the people supposedly sending them on her behalf, and they had done nothing of the sort. I now have pdfs of all these cases.

Please AVOID THIS SELLER regardless of what she tells you.