I have a few question regarding SM and vaccination. I am not sure how to best word this so I'll do my best and hope it makes sense.

Can anyone tell me if there is a link to the cause of SM and routine vaccination ?

or Does routine vaccination aggravate the symptoms of SM ?

or is vaccination just painful for dogs with SM ?

Is there any information on this I can get for me and my vet as I went in to talk about a vaccine schedule suitable for a cavalier with chronic skin allergies and a heart murmur age 4, I also wanted to facter in the possibility of SM. He does not have SM or any symptoms but thought I had read some info on a link between vaccine and SM but as usual can not remember where I read this or if I dreamt it I have no facts and very limited information on SM in general. I have printed out the Info sheets to take in to my vet from Clare Rushbridge and wondered where I might find any info on Cavalier specific vaccine schedule taking into account all the possible health issues of the breed that need to be considered when vaccinating.

I do apologise if this make no sense I have very poor grammar and spelling. Any info would be appreciated.