Hi. I am with an all breed rescue group in Hot Springs, AR. In the past two months we have had several cavalier puppies find their way into our program. What is happening is that there is a breeder nearby. She uses the same vet for her dogs as we do for our rescues. When she gets a dog/puppy returned from a pet store, she takes them to our mutual vet for............whatever (read between the lines). Our vet does all the necessary medical and gives them to us to find quality homes. For example, the last ones we got were 4 male cavaliers that were shipped back due to kennel cough and giardia. Poor little guys. They were only 12 weeks old. So, they were treated and went into our foster homes until well enough to be adopted.

Now we have 3 more puppies and a 4 yr. old female who apparently was not a good mom. The pups were returned this time due to a soft spot on their head. Our vet said that it will close with time. We are looking for more great quality homes for these guys. They are 12 weeks old and will be altered before adoptions. Of the puppies, 2 are male and one female.

I thought this would be a great place to start looking for homes.