Milo (Jack Russell) was not my dog, but in a way he was. He belonged to my boyfriends parents and I have been dating my boyfriend since before they got Milo. I watched him grow from a puppy and watched him do all his crazy things that he did. One memory I will never forget is that my boyfriend and I were watching the dogs (they have two others that are Miniature Schnauzers) and we let them out into the yard. We weren't sure what Milo was doing but he was acting crazy. We went to go see what was making him act this way, and he actually caught (and killed) and bunny. He wouldn’t rest after that. All he wanted to do was go outside to find more. We kept telling him that they were all gone. To please him we let him outside to see. Sure enough, he found another bunny (killed that one too) It was pretty gross, but cute at the same time. Milo was the little brother who looked after his two older (dog) sisters, Gabby and Greta (Miniature Schnauzers)

Milo was never a sickly dog. His sisters have always had their problems, but he just stood by and watched. Until this past week where he had some complications with his liver. His family made the brave and loving choice to make his last hours happy ones and opted not to do a surgery that had a very unknown outcome. Milo was able to leave the hospital for the day and spend it with his family so he could be remembered the way he should be...happy.

Milo lived a happy and healthy life in a house full of love for 7 years. He will be missed greatly.

I don't know why, but I always liked flipping his ears back like that. One time when Brady was playing with him, he actually was able to do that to his ears as well.

Milo in his bed one last time.