I'm getting conflicting advice from two different books. I'm trying to figure out where I should keep Wesley's crate the first few nights at home.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel book (A Kennel Club Book, written by Juliette Cunliffe) says:

"Puppies whine. They whine to let the others know where they are and hopefully to get company out of it. Place your pup in his new bed or crate in his room and close the door. Mercifully, he may fall asleep without a peep. When the inevitable occurs, ignore the whining: he is fine. Be strong and keep his interest in mind. Do not allow your heart to become guilty and visit the pup. He will fall asleep." And.... "Puppy's first night can be somewhat stressful for the pup and his new family. Remember that you are setting the tone of nighttime at your house. Unless you want to play with your pup every night at 10pm, midnight, and 2am, don't initiate the habit"

The Training Your Puppy magazine (Topic Volume 3, 2nd edition) says:

"There are two important tules of crate-training:
1. Don't place your puppy's crate in the garage or in a room where it can't see you. The puppy will feel abandoned, and will bark or howl until you show up again, making it an extremely long night, as well as delaying the cratetraining process. During the daytime, put the crate in the room where you spend the most amount of time. Come nighttime, move it into your bedrooom. That way your puppy will feel secure that you're nearby. If it whimpers during the night, it probably means potty time. Take your puppy outside without playing with it, and it will go to the bathroom and go right back to sleep in its crate. If it frets again, tell your puppy that you're right there and it will settle back asleep.
2. (Not needed for what I'm asking about) "

So please help! I personally agree with the magazine.