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Thread: 4 Rescues need 4ever homes~UPDATED

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    Default 4 Rescues need 4ever homes~UPDATED

    An all-breed rescue organization has asked me to help them place some Cavaliers. These dogs all came from a vet who has encouraged a miller to allow a rescue organization to place them rather than "put them down." Apparently, the miller gets something like an $800 tax deduction for a "business loss" for "defective stock" that is written off. So rather than pay for any meds or treatment a pup may need, she brings them to the vet to be "put down." Fortunately, this vet also is very active in rescue and has worked out an arrangement where the miller still gets her tax deduction and the pups are given to rescue. In order to maintain a good and discrete relationship with this miller (ugh!), Cavaliers will not be listed on the rescue's PetFinder site.

    I found homes for two cav pups last week and am now working on finding loving, forever-homes for three pups and an adult (not the mom of this litter).

    Every rescue animal is fully vetted, up to date on all shots, heart worm negative, and spayed/neutered before leaving our care. Out of state homes will be considered if we can arrange for a home visit/check performed by another rescue organization. Priority is given to people who have/had cavaliers and are educated on this breed. Adoption fee is $250.

    Photos in following posts.

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    Default Tri, female, 4 y/o

    Tri, female, 4 y/o, x-breeding bitch, "not a good producer," according to miller. Foster's comments:
    Penelope is a little timid but loves to be petted and get attention. Not at all like other puppy mill rescues I've had. She is quiet and calm and extremely beautiful but I think she is slightly heavy. My husband thought she was pregnant but she has been spayed. She loves to eat.

    As far as I can tell she is in great shape. Her eyes and skin look great and no coughing or runny nose. No scratching or ear problems.

    She is very gentle and sweet with the puppies and takes care of them; cleaning their faces and cuddling with them in the bed even to the point of allowing them to nurse on her just a little bit. I don't think she has any milk but she is still a little enlarged from her last litter and easy to grab on to and she has not nipped at them at all. These are not her puppies. You'd think they were though.

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    Default Tri pup

    Tri, male, born on 9/12/06, possibly blind in one eye due to an injury (according to the vet). Notes from foster:
    The tri male is a little bigger and more active than his 2 black and tan siblings. He is very handsome. His blind eye appears cloudy. He is playful and will squirm when you hold him like you'd expect any active puppy to do. He'll nibble at your fingers and is playful.

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    Default 2 Black and Tan Pups

    2 Black and Tan pups, born on 9/12/06
    They appear fat and healthy and they eat and poop well. We were told that the soft spot on the top of the head had not completely sealed up and that is why they were returned to the breeder. Currently, they have very small openings about 1/8 the size of a dime. The vet tells us this will close up on its own. They both are very quiet and calm. Very, very laid back. They will sit or lay quietly in your lap or in your arms where as the tri one will squirm to get down and run around. They're a little bit smaller than their tri sibling.
    I forgot to ask for their sex, so I'll have to update later. I am talking to the vet tomorrow and will ask for more info on the open fontanel diagnosis, if it appears to be closing, and potential future implications. Unfortunately, I can't tell them apart and the photos I received did not come labelled. Sorry! But they both are adorable!

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    Default hi

    OMG they are all so lovely the mum is beautiful if only i lived over there hope they find loveing homes
    christine and cavaliers molly+charlie

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    Hope they soon find the forever homes they deserve, especially the older girlie. At least they got the pups out before the miller had a chance to use them to further expand her bank balance too

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    As mentioned, I spoke with the vet today. She was eager to share the pups' medical history so that potential forever families could make a decision based on accurate information. She kept the pups for a week before even releasing them to a foster home, and they will be under her care until the soft spots have completely closed.

    All three pups were from the same litter. The tri was and still is a bit bigger than his siblings. He, too, had a small soft spot, but it has completely closed. The vet said that the soft spots have quickly been reduced and are now very small, "1/8th the size of a dime." She feels that these pups growth will be similar to their littermate, but his open fontanel closed sooner because he is bigger. Based on her examinations and time spent with these pups, she feels that they may have been born a tad early, which explains why they're on the smallish side. I specifically asked about hydrocephalus and the possibility of shunt surgery, and she feels confident that the small open fontanels will continue to close and be complete soon.

    The pups will not be transported until the vet has determined that their soft spots have completely closed. We're looking to start the forever home finding process now. Applications, emails, phone calls, home checks, and transportation all take some time but are a necessary part of this process.

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    Default Update

    UPDATE: Since I'm new to rescue I had no idea how happy I'd feel to match pups with perfect forever families. I'm so excited you'd think that I was the one getting a new dog...not someone else!

    Anyway, 3 cavs are going "home" this weekend: 5 m/o blen, 6 m/o blen, and 4 y/o tri. One is going to the Dallas area (thanks to help from a friend in the Dallas Cavalier rescue) and two are going to Little Rock, Arkansas.

    The two little black and tan pups are going to sisters in Phoenix. They should be cleared by the vet in about a week (her estimate of when their fontanels will be completely closed), but we've given them some extra time to grow and have scheduled their departure on December 13.

    I couldn't be more thrilled for each pup and family! Each of these families has/had a cavalier AND each has also had a rescue dog. So not only are they "Cavy Savvy," but are also experienced rescue owners, too. Homes have been visited and approved. Vets have been contacted and given a thumbs up. I don't know who's more excited, the new "moms" or me!

    I'm still searching for the perfect family for the little tri pup...and possibly an 18 month ruby with separation issues. Keep your fingers crossed for them.

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    Here are some pics of the dogs who went to their new homes this weekend.

    Penelope is loving life in Dallas. Her sister, tri Annabelle - also a rescue, has graciously decided to share the couch.
    Pene and Annabelle

    Here are the two male blens, not siblings, that moved in today. My son and his gf are helping them pose for this picture.
    Eli and Payton

    All dogs and moms/dads are happy! And I'm thrilled for everyone.

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    This little guy is still waiting for the perfect family. These photos were taken this afternoon.
    dob: 9/12/2006
    tri, male, neutered, cannot see out of his left eye due to previous eye injury, fostered in Arkansas


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