On Friday morning, my beautiful 13 month old baby ran out in front of a car and died instantly.

I am heart broken, she was staying with my parents while I was away (I got back Sunday) and they too, as you can imagine, are devastated - it wasn't anyone's fault, she was just hyper all the time (in a great way) and decided to run off in the wrong direction (not so great)

Anyway, now I don't know what to do.. I don't want to 'replace' Poppy, but at the same time, my husband and I loved having her so much that thoughts of getting another one cross my mind. We travel a lot and perhaps we shouldn't have a dog, I feel so guilty that I had left her (not because of what happened, my parents loved and treated her so well, I just wish it had been me playing with her every day for this last week or so)

I'm sorry I haven't posted here very often, I just came back cause I knew you'd all understand