My Sasha has gone to the closest vet teaching school in Kansas - I took her down yesterday. They are doing diagnostic procedures today & tomorrow. The preliminary diagnosis may be Masticatory Myositis - anyone ever heard of it? Unfortunately, it doesn't really have anything to do with her vomiting/throwing up, so we have yet to see what can be done.

Treatment for the above condition is steroids to loosen the jaw (which tightens up with this disorder). I have pureed her food for so long it might be why we haven't caught it before now. I wasn't too pleased today when my vet said "yea, I've heard of that" but didn't offer any other words of support - I wanted to say, "well, you didn't even slightly suggest it with Sasha". Just my edgy nerves in general I guess this week.

Wish us luck - my little girl is mighty sick right now and lost quite a bit of weight. Last night was so lonely w/out her....