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Thread: New diagnosis - anyone heard of it??

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    Sheri - I've been swamped this week and just now caught this thread. I am so sorry little Sasha is ill. Hopefully now that there is a preliminary diagnosis treatment can begin and she'll feel better soon.
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    Any news Sheri? How is little Sasha now?

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    Thanx to all of you regarding the great materials you've posted.

    Sasha had very bad throat ulcerations for a start, that could only be seen by scope due to the limited motion of her jaw opening. She was started on the pink liquid amoxicillian and she is doing much better in that arena.

    We are awaiting the titer blood test results from California regarding the MM - there is only one lab that does the titer testing. Meanwhile, she has been started on 10 mg daily of prednisone, which at this time is the only medication for MM. However, there is a new, yet unofficial surgery removing some of the back cheek bones which has seemed to help dogs. It is only in the preliminary stages, but Sasha's doctor has a colleague at another teaching vet hospital he may discuss the case with if she gets worse. At least it might be another option should she the jaw become much more limited.

    Sigh.... just another cavalier disorder that needs more light shed on it. Since my daughter was diagnosed with a very rare seizure disorder when she was 10, it just stands to reason that Sasha's would be rare too!!



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