Several of these photos are old; most are new. The ones at the very end were taken today, and I couldn't resist turning them into a picture story, a la Ruby. Hope you enjoy...

.. A Day in the Life of Lady Amber Claret

I snooze happily in my cavpile...

..only to be rudely awakened by a shutterbug!

Holly and I play ball- or try to, but it's too early. Caffeine... where's the coffee?

Coffee gets me going in the morning. Stupid artist put Holly on the cup instead of me. I'll be having words...

Then I argue with Holly over sweeties

After that it's work time, hunting for literary treasures.

In the afternoon, it's time for my photoshoot. Aren't I gorgeous?

Then home to chase Holly.

Another sleep

Now it's time to get ready for our night out; I'm not sure this scarf suits my colouring, but it's so festive.

Gah. Bin the scarf.

Voila! Lady in Red. Had to raid Holly's makeup though..ahh...Over application...h'mm.

Isn't that better? Aren't I soooo pretty? Don't listen to Holly mouthing off, she's just jealous. See ya later.

I'm so tired. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy time...Zzzzz.

Hope you all enjoyed. Strange the things that pop into your head at 2am..