Hi everyone, and Happy Christmas,

I'm worried about my boy at the moment. According to the vet his heart has sounded 'terrible' for about a year now, but he's never really coughed that much before (he's 14 and has had a mumur since he was about 7). The last few days he's been coughing really badly though Can hear him hacking during the night and he coughs after he's been lying down for a little while. Am worried that this is the beginning of the end Hate hearing him cough away. It's horrible.

I guess other people here must have been through similar things with their precious babies. What should I do/expect over the next few weeks? We're going to Wales tomorrow for Christmas, which will be at least a 4 hour drive. Worried that the whole trip will be too much for him. His back legs are also getting progressively weaker and seizing up now and then (although they have been better recently).

My poorly boy Can't bear the thoight of being without him
Pepsi x