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What I did was buy a $3 cat collar from Big W! It has a little bell on it and I can adjust it to any size. It's working really well though Ollie STILL has not made friends with it
Actually that's pretty much what I did, plus the 8-12 size as they both were under $5 (so not a big loss if the smaller doesnt fit).

It's "Ollie STILL has not made friends with it" part that worries me. Poor lil girl being taken from mommy and shoved in a car for a 3 hr drive on a cold snowy I feel so quilty she will either think we are nuts putting a collar on her for a pit stop or be frantic and wet the cage. I hope she is not too scared by this unpleasant first meeting. I'll just have to make up for it with lots of cuddling when we get her to the house!

ONLY 12 days... 12 days! Can we say soooo excited! Ha I am supposed to be finishing an online course (exam in 11 days) and all I do is hang around here - reading/looking at cavaliers...