Maybe, or maybe not, any time from the next week onward.

*Potentially* a number of cavaliers, of a range of ages, will be in urgent need of rescue places and most will probably be in poor condition; some may be very stressed. I cannot say more than that and I do not know if this will be needed. I know there are several I can call on who have volunteered in the past, but anyone within Ireland who may be able to help -- which will likely require being able to drive to collect dogs if anyone is any distance from Dublin -- keep this in mind. They cannot go outside the Republic at this time. Some will likely need some medical care, hopefully minor. Transport volunteers would also probably be valued. This is just a potential heads up so that people can think about this and whether they can help; foster may be needed for several weeks or longer to get these dogs to the point where they could be available for homing. No replies please, I am closing the thread to further discussion as well as the subject is sensitive, but I want folks to consider their availability and commitment to some needy dogs in case this need arises.