In early June we sold our home. We decided to move into a condo. Our little yorkie was 14 at the time. Our house was only on the market for five days and we had one month to pack and move into our new condo.
Winston always got upset when we would pack to go on vacation. Imagine his level of anxiety as we packed boxes each and every day.
A week before we moved he was playing hide and seek with my husband. After play, he started shaking. He did not stop. My husband put him into the car to take him to the vets and he passed away during the ride.
Winston loved to watch TV. He liked to bark a lot. He was a little dog who thought he was a big dog. He was very independent. I remember when he was a pup he always stole the oats from the horse next door. The horse kept trying to stomp him! There was an 80 year old lady that used to dogsit and I had her watch him a few times. She told me to take him to a dog phsyciatrist because he did not know he was a dog.
I stopped taking him to her.
I miss him a lot. We both decided we would not get another dog.
In November my daughter in law asked me to help her find a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She and my son already had a 5yr old Burnese Mountain Dog, but she wanted a second, small pet.
I found her a lovely puppy and was so excited to be a nana to such a lovely little girl. But then my son talked her into getting another Burnese instead. My husband found ourselves deciding to get the little Cavalier whose picture we had fallen in love with.
We now have our little Madeleine and she is such a joy.
After reading some of the stories on this forum I just wanted to write down a little about Winston because I knew you would all understand.