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Thread: What do you call your dog most of the time.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishmosh
    My dog thinks his name is 'no'
    That is so funny.

    Scarlett gets called stinker, ferral face, crazy Scarlett, rattle snake, rattler, monstress
    Sam gets Sammie-wammie, squirmy-wormy, Sam the Man, fradie-cat, hero, Mr Beautiful
    Sonny gets Sunnie-bunnie, His Royal Highness
    Beau, who has only been with us 2 days has already earned the name fiend

    Then the group names are any of all of the above but in plural.
    ~ Sam, Sonny & Beau ~

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    Default Re: What do you call your dog most of the time.........

    [sometimes I call call chalie HAIRY BEARY as he looks like a cute teddy and is so hairy He responds to both names Duke is often referred to as DUKEY WOOKY OR GINGE he will come to both names also but saying that Duke will appear at my side even wheh im calling for charlie, I think he is scared of missing somthing that mainly being food


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