Hi guys,

I just thought you might want to know a little piece of information. My co-worker just had to put her dog down last week. Awful I know. The vet had taken blood and ran a bunch of tests to see if whatever he had was treatable but he didn't make it long enough for the test results to come in. She just got a call from her vet this afternoon that her dog had contracted leptospirosis. This lady lives close to downtown Toronto (a big city!) If you haven't thought about Lepto or gotten the vaccine - I suggest you look into it!! Her dog happened to die from a strain that was covered by the vaccine. Now she is at a loss because she wants to get another puppy but her whole entire yard is contaminated with the urine of her dog that passed. I just feel awful for her. It IS around us ! Just thought you all might need a wake up call@!