Hi all, I'm looking for some advice.

Remi is 13.5 weeks old now and we've gone thru 2 Kongs already! We had a puppy Kong at first, but she bit out little chunks of it within a few weeks. So last week we upgraded to the red Kong (same size as the puppy one though), which I think is for medium chewers. Well, she has already started to bite little chunks out of this one too! I think there is only one more Kong to get and that is the black one, which is supposed to be for the serious chewers. Now, in my head a "serious chewer" equals a Doberman Pincher or a Pit Bull or something, not my little 5.5lb Cavalier.

Does anyone else have a Cav who just chews their Kongs to death? Any other suggestions for a treat dispenser like the Kong? I don't like the idea of leaving her alone with a Kong if she is eating little bits of it but she absolutely loves the thing!