Had all my three in to the vets last night -- I hadn't had Tanis, one of my favourite Anicare vets, in ages so it was fun to see her. The boys had their lepto shots (Lily isn't due til summer) and all three got kennel cough as they will be boarding a few times in the next couple of months while I am travelling.

I weighed them all:

Lily, 5.8kg, 12.8 lb
Leo, 6.6kg, 14.5lb
Jaspar, 6.8kg, 15lb

Leo always holds steady, Lily is down around where she should be again after putting on weight while in kennels recently, and Jaspar is down almost a lb and a half!! He doesn't look thin and I'm not feeding him any less; but have tried to control the amount of treats more closely. Mainly I think he is just so incredibly active that he has shed some weight. I can't believe he and Leo are only a half pound apart as Jaspar looks a lot bigger than Leo, but Leo is very compact and solid while jaspar is lanky.

Had the vet do all their anal glands too; what fun! Interesting that although all three scoot regularly, none had really full glands except Jaspar. Lily probably scoots the most. Just seems to be a breed that scoots!

They were all sitting in a group on the waiting room chairs and people actually were stopping to look in at them from outside.