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Thread: Need help with crate training ASAP

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    Having two is much harder than one on its own, and they will copy each others' behaviour, so that adds to the challenge a bit.

    I think this is a behaviour issue and is going to take extra work.

    A very good article on this issue of crate soiling, how to deal with it and why it happens:

    More excellent articles from this excellent site for anyone having housetraining issues:
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    I too had a time with Lily when she was little. I still have some housebreaking issues to overcome, but they are slowly passing. Take the advice of Karlin. I did and I tell you what, there are so many good ideas and helpful hints there! And that book is awesome! Lily has changed SO much after I started putting certain practices in place. I now have the problem of teaching her indoor rules. The crate is a plac eshe NEVER messes in anymore. Once she was old enough to sleep through the night I started refusing to get up to take her out. On occassion if she is very whiny I will. She finally connected that she shouldn't mess in her crate. What is funny is that the connection hit while she was staying with a friend of mine. I went to Hawaii for vacation and for 10 days a good friend and border of mine kept her. She took her outside each morning and hosed her down after messing in the crate. I am not sure if it was te hose or not that made her stop doing it, but hey, I wasn't the bad guy who did it!
    Stick to your guns. It DOES get easier! I was so ready to give up, but things have taken a good turn!

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for all of the advice. Charlie is doing much better now. Peanut is still messing in his crate. One thing is we had our vet look at them and Peanut has Coccsidia (i don't know how to spell it) so hopefully after he is cured from that he will be able to not mess in the crate anymore. Wish us luck.

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    I found that natures miracle works great. mine dont mess in their crate anymore, but did once or twice when we first got them. I think you have to REALLY saturate the bedding and floor to get every bit of the odor out of it and clean the puppies so they do not smell the urine/feces on themselves. I used puppywipes at night and wiped them down good.

    the other thing I have noticed is that when one puppy "goes" the other almost always " goes" which causes twice the mess.

    it does get better -
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