Unwanted pet CKCS, kids were bored with this little 2.5 year old; she was to be shot by daddy (what a nice example that would set for the kids) til kind neighbour took her, got her to vet and vaccinated, and turned her over to a general rescue today.

She has been living in a shed and garden all her life. She is unlikely to be housetrained therefore. Small girl who was badly matted but kind neighbour man trimmed matts off her ears and she is now in a kennel at the rescue. She needs a safe and warm foster place.

If you are in the Tipp/Kilkenny region and can foster this dog asap that will open a space at the rescue for other needy dogs and I can work to get this one spayed and homed.

I have a couple of people to call in that region as well who might be able to take her in for foster. This would likely be til next week or week after when I can arrange to get her transported up here for a spay. I am away Fri-Wed next in the US so probably will need foster til I return.

I am closing this thread as I don't want this to turn into a rant against the original owner -- I just want people to be aware of what happens to some of these dogs and how they come into rescue, and why your support, be it fostering, trapsort, adoption, donations -- is so appreciated. People can PM please if they can offer a foster place for this dog in that region, or collect her and bring her to Dublin.