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Thread: Soft-sided Crate Suggestions

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    I like the Noz to Noz soft sided crates...I have the x series for both Riley and Robbie

    one of the reasons I like it is if the exterior ever tears or something you can replace it and use the frame again.
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    Kody - I remembered them being expensive but not THAT expensive!

    That's NUTS!
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    A soft sided crate *is not safe as car transport*. I think it is very misleading for these companies to show pictures of dogs inside them in a car -- any dog would be crushed in an accident and many rescue teams are specifically instructed -- in the US in particular -- NOT to EVER touch or rescue an uncrated (hard crate) dog even if it is in danger of dying in a car wreck (this reported to one list I was on directly from someone who had spoken to rescue services on this point). You might as well just put a dog in a cardboard box. I would instead invest in a couple of seatbelt harnesses if you are concerned about space. A soft sided crate is basically intended as an alternative for *in the house* for a dog or when travelling when the dog will be *inside*, like inside a hotel room as an alternative to a hard crate. Or in the case of sherpa-type bags, for airline travel.

    A softsided crate would offer absolutely no protection in a car impact. Consider whether you would stick a human baby or toddler, unrestrained, inside a soft crate lying on the seat and consider that adequate protection for a car. Eeven if the crate were fastened to a seatbelt. There is just no way that would be safe -- and it is the same thing with a dog on any size or age.

    The dog either needs to be in a safety harness connected to the seat belt with little room for movement (or it will just be thrown thru the air on its tether as if it had no restrainst at all -- don;t use those long tether things that come with some harnesses as they are pointless from a sfaety perspective) or needs to be in a hard crate held in place by seat belt or wedged into a place where it cannot roll.
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    Thanks for the link, Debbie. The Noz-to-Noz seem well built also. It has the metal tube frame like the Home & Go. I'll see if I can buy it locally. Thanks for everyone's help. I appreciate it.


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