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    Default Wellness Fish and Potato

    Well, I had been considering switching the boys to this and apparently my local dog food stores made the decision for me. This is the second time that I have had to travel to 3 different places to NOT find what I was looking for, so I made the switch.

    Previously they were eating Wellness "Venison and Brown Rice" and I now have them on "White Fish and Potatoes Formula". The boys went nuts for it, and I really want a food that will help their coat. You can really tell that is is made of fish because boy does it stink!!! Does anyone use this food and what kind of luck did you have???
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    If you want to shine up their coats give them a 1/2 tsp of Arctic Vigour once a day.

    The omegas in kibble get burned off when they process it.

    Either AV or Herring oil is great for their coats. ;D

    You can get any of these things from a pet shop.

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    I have a bag of it - sometimes I add a little to their Evo, and I've been using it as treats. They love it! It does smell a little fishy, but I don't think it smells as bad as bully sticks! Dogs love smelly stuff!
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