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Thread: dog mysteries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlin

    I just took a tube of Vaseline lip protector off Lily who had in seconds chewed through the tube so that the goop was coming out of the open end.
    Mmmm Vaseline! Lol... j/k! I hate the stuff... when we would go to cheerleading competitions we would smear the stuff on our teeth right before we went on so that we would always have a huge cheezy smile. I have no idea why anyone... human or canine would want to chew on it!

    LOL! Good luck with that Karlin!
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    I can relate to all of this -- I get embarrassed every time I pull out my drivers license and the other person spies the teeth marks in one corner.

    I have a basket full of every kind of toy imaginable but my two boys will kill each other over a toilet paper roll.
    Proud mom of Bacchus (Tri) and Berkley (Tri).


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