Thought I'd try the collective wisdom of the group again. My 10 year old cavalier, Gizmo, has pretty much end stage MVD. He is on:

vetmedin - two capsules, 2x/day
enalapril - 1.5 tablets, 2x/day
lasix - .5 tablets, 3x/day
thyroid meds (i don't remember the name) .5 tablets, 2x/day
theophylline - .5 tables, 2x/day (this just started about three weeks ago)

His blood work, which was done just before he started the theophylline was fine.

He went on the theophylline because he was coughing and gagging a lot. It did help. This has been reduced. He's back to eating well; he had gone off food for a while..

Now, however, he has started coughing a bit more (no where near as much as he was) and his chest is just heaving, both with breaths and his heartbeat. I don't think he is in pain but he doesn't look comfortable.

Are there any common meds added at this point that I should bring up with his vets. His medical situation is complicated a bit because his regular cardiologist is ill and his regular vet is the one I would talk to. She is very receptive to suggestions which is why I'm asking here for advice.

I'm not looking for a miracle but just to buy some additional reasonable quality time for him. Appreciate any help you could give me.