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Thread: Yout top 5 dog breeds

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    I like all, but I prefer:

    1. Cavaliers
    2. Greyhounds
    3. Italian Greyhounds
    4. Salukis
    5. Afghan Greyhound

    (yes, I like very much the greys!!)

    But I like any dog that don't want to bite me!! ( I don't feel comfortable with dangerous breeds, like rotweilers, pitbulls, ... )
    Laura Lia Maia

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    I love all dogs, they all have their own special reason for being here, but I am partial to:

    1. Newfoundlands, I've had one for ten years, since she was 7wks.
    2. Cavaliers
    3. Golden Retrievers
    4. Bernese Mountain Dogs
    5. Labrador Retrievers

    I do love my cavalier, Ive only had her for a few months. She is lovely, very smart and cuddly. I'm a big dog person, but was dying to have a little dog also. I have been reading about and looking into a Cavalier for three years. I would like to get another one, one day.
    Sharon, proud Mom of Scout (tri) and Breeze (Newfie)

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    I will agree with many of you that I also think Australian Shepards are absolutely gorgeous. I love the blue merles especially. Alas they are too intelligent for the small space I have and I cant even imagine what would happen to my lil condo with such a smart dog who got bored

    Adding to my above list here are a few more doggies I adore as well. And just because I adore them, like the Australian, doesn't mean they are best suited for my home or lifestyle

    Clumber Spaniels
    American Malumutes
    Belding Terriers
    Golden Retreivers
    Tibetian Spaniel
    French Bulldog
    Shih Tzu
    Cocker Spaniels
    And the list can go on and on....

    If you couldnt tell Im a dog lover and one who has never had a dog before meaning I had a lot of time to look and read up on all kinds of different breeds
    Jasmine, mommy to Ellie (tri girl), Griffin, Hunter, & Dexter (kitties)

    Ellie is here!!!!

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    hhehe you guys and your dogs - they are fun to read about!

    Here are my top 5:

    1 ~ Cavaliers
    2 ~ French Mastiff or Doggue De Bordeaux
    3 ~ Chinese Pug
    4 ~ Golden Retriever
    5 ~ Yorkshire Terrier
    Sara, mommy to Kosmo ~ 4 year blenheim boy and Faith 3 year b/t girl *rescue*

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    2. austarlian sheperd
    3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    4. Japanese Chin
    5. Golden retriever
    6. Papillon
    7. Tibet Spaniel
    8. French bulldog
    9. Toy spaniel
    10. chihuahua

    Oh did you just say the top 5 !! my list go on and on

    I could be all day thinking of my favorites
    Grima mommy of two wonderful cavaliers Andrea(blenheim) and Diva (ruby)

    -Assa tricolor cavalier waiting at the bridge

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    1 Cavalier King Charles
    2 Boxer
    3 Yorkshire terrier
    4 Labrador retriever
    5 any other sweety
    kisses Ester & a licky from Sam

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    There's no way i can list only 5. But Cavaliers and Greyhounds will always have a special place in my heart. Pretty much any other sweet dog (breed doesn't matter) goes on the list, making it basically endless.
    Laura (Momma to Riley, 3 yr. old male)

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    Mine are:

    1. Cavaliers (Of course. I wanted one for about 15 years before I was finally able to get one.)

    2. Poodles -- I grew up with them, and I still have to say they are unbelievably smart dogs and very easy to live with. I loved the 4 we had over the years (2 at a time). They were my best friends throughout childhood and up till about 9 years ago when the last one passed away. One of them was beatific and angelic to absolutely everyone (to a fault -- she would put up with all kinds of obnoxious behavior from kids), two were friendly to almost everyone and slavishly devoted to our family members, and the last one loved my family ferociously and had no use for anyone else, and let them know it. As much as I love Daisy, I have to say that our poodles had waaayyyy fewer bad habits as puppies than she does. They were just less "doggy." Less chewing, less biting, cleaner, easier to housetrain, stayed in our unfenced yard, came when called without training or treats, were less wild but still very playful, etc. I know a lot of people don't like poodles, but I am a big fan. My husband hates poodles so I knew they were never really an option for us when we finally decided it was the right time to get a dog. Plus, I hate the grooming issues.

    3. Papillons -- never really been around one but I think they are adorable looking.

    4. Pomeranians -- see above.

    5. Yorkies

    Can you tell I'm a big fan of small dogs? Of the big dogs I've been around, I like boxers and golden retrievers, but I would never want one that big in the house. And I never want an outdoor dog -- I feel so sorry for them out there alone 95% of the time. Our neighbor has a chow mix out in a dogpen that barks all the time and just looks so miserable. Plus he is very unfriendly. Now, for some unexplicable reason, he has gotten a second dog -- a purebred chow puppy. Great -- I'm just waiting for the stupid thing to get out of its prison and attack my kids or Daisy. Plus, a chow outside in Tennessee is just not fair, IMO, because it just gets too hot for them. Wow -- way off topic. Sorry for the venting.

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    I will be the first to not list a Cavalier first because I have yet to experience ownership... BUT THIS WEEKEND THAT CHANGES!

    1. Labrador Retrievers (such loving yet playful pets)
    2. Cavalier (very much like a lab except more playful perhaps more dependant)
    3. Minature Collie (almost chose this breed over the Cavalier - a little too playful perhaps)
    5. Husky (love love the look of them but would never take on one myself do to exercise/space needed)

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    Default Dogs

    Cavaliers, then Bichon Frises (had two growing up), and if you want to see something really cute, google a "Cavashon" (a mix between the two although still more fur than I'd care to groom).
    Carlie, David, & Isabelle (10 month old blenheim ruler of the house)


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