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Thread: Yout top 5 dog breeds

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    For small dogs, my first two choices are obvious while the last two are breeds we seriously considered before going with a Miniature Schnauzer.
    Cavaliers, Miniature Schnauzer, French Bulldog, Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

    For larger breeds, I love the Old English Sheep Dogs, the Saluki is just beautiful, and the Wirehaird Pointing Griffon has that shaggy, old man look that is so!
    Jen, Abbey (Tri Cavalier) & Gus (White Min. Schnauzer)

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    1. Cavs, of course
    2. Weimaraner (I love those steel coats, and if I ever have a big house with a big yard, I'm getting one)
    3. Choc. labs
    4. frenchies
    5. Brussells griffons or clumber spaniels...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StacyC
    3. Choc. labs...
    Oh I love them. We had a blonde and everyone here wanted a Chocolate one next. But my "tipsy body loss of balance issue" ruined that plan. But I know we will love the Cavalier breed too, its just going to be an adjustment period to looking down to find the dog!!

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    1. Tri Coloured Cavaliers
    2. B & T Cavaliers
    3. Blenheim Cavaliers
    4. Ruby Cavaliers
    5. Cocker Spaniels (any colour)
    6. German Shepherd (long coated)
    7. Rottweiler
    8. Choc Lab
    9. Black Lab
    10. English Bull Terrier
    11. Staffie

    I love loads of dog breeds so can't limit it to five, sorry

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    Let's see....

    1. Cavaliers (of course!)

    2. Pugs (they are so ugly they're cute and such friendly little sweeties as well)

    3. Golden and Labrador Retrievers (i should separate them but can't)

    4. Corgis- i don't have much experience with them but their short legs and long bodies make me smile.

    5. I have to say that I have a soft spot for mixed breeds---Heinz 57s

    My childhood dog was half cocker (black) with a mother that was half cocker half collie and looked just like a sheltie. Lady somehow managed to come out looking just like a Ruby Cav with black tips to her ears. She had a Cav's selfless devotion, fearlessness and loving temperment and is what led me to the breed in the first place. I grew up in the US and moved to Ireland when i was 23. I'd never heard of Cavaliers before coming here, saw Ruby cavs at a dog show, and made it my mission to find the breed of dog that looked like 'little Ladys.' And so I eventually found out and got Indy!

    Mom of Indiana Jones 'Indy' (Ruby male)

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    Oh no! Don't make me choose

    1. Cav! It's the only breed I've owned so I'm a little biased
    2. Golden or Labrador Retriever If I am ever lucky enough to own a big dog like this I don't know which I'd choose!
    3. Staffy Oh how dangerous! Lol I just love these dogs!
    4. Boxer I've always been around boxers (grandparents own them) and their just so sweet!
    5. Burnese Mountain Dog Oh here comes my big dog obsession
    6. Great Dane How could you not love these guys!!
    7. St Bernard Just a big fluffy bundle of love
    Emily and Ollie (29/10/06)

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    1. our dearest Cavies... (do'oh)
    2. Pomeraniann.. love the white lil puffy ones! :P
    3. American Eskimos
    4. White westhighland terriers.. cause of Ceaser's soft food ad in tv !
    5. White long hair German Sheperd

    but i love any breed.. tee hee.

    okay , i know , i love white dogs.....
    Lin. proud owner of baby Cherrise, Blenheim princess, 11.5 months and baby Hope, Pomeranian princess, 10.5 months.. !

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    i like mixture dogs.
    my first two were cocker mixes.
    then i had a sheltie mix.
    I'm not talking about designer dogs, deliberately blended breeds. I mean, heinz 57. i had good experiences with those, and at the dog park, i often see dogs that i think are adorable and with great personality, and i say "What kind of dog is that??" and the owner shrugs and laughs and says they don't know, or they start guessing, "Well, they think he's part...."

    cavaliers are special to me. they have all the qualities of my favorite mutts.


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