Its funny my husband have already talked about things with tia when its time.

Hes the sort who unburied his dog when he had to move so Cloes bones were with him and his mum where ever they went. (Sounds morbit but its only because they love their animals so much.)

We had to bury is dog last year and we both were a mess but when it was over we were relieved. Buried him in the front yard where he used to like to bath in the sun. But Hubby talks about hes coming with us if we ever move. Glad that most dogs last over the ten year mark so we dont need a separate moving truck just for out passed animals.

Im feeling actually relieved as Ive done quite a bit of research with the help of everyone here and now believe she will be fine and I will know when it is time. She still loves eating (Her favourite pass time and we haveto watch her as shes quick when she wants to be.) Cries if we dont take her with us for walks or drives so we make special small trips for her and make an effort to hide from her when we take the others out.

Rubert lis a handsome boy also. Love them to bits and I keep saying no more dogs now but it does help when you get another and when its the right time they do fill that empty gap a little.

I still sometime call our new addition the name of the one we had to put down a year and a half ago if I dont think as I still miss him to bits.

thankyou again. Looking forward to hearing positives things also on the site its a lovely supportive place.