here's a little bit of background info on what we've been doing so far:

We've been crate training Padden since the day we got her and it's been 2 weeks now. She rarely has accidents in the house and if she does its totally our fault!

She spends 4 hours in her crate in the morning. I come home at lunch & take her out and then she comes to work with me for 5 hours (she sleeps majority of the time and eats). Then she goes out again. Then we play with her for another 4 hours, take her out again and then its time for bed.

We've been letting her sleep with us for the past three nights since she doesn't wake up at all and we aren't worried that she'll pee in the bed or jump down.

Now to get to my question...

She doesn't spend much time in her crate and the goal eventually is to be able to leave her out and not crate her during the day once she's completely trained. But we also want her to continue to like her crate because we'll be taking her with us cross country and she'll have to fly.

She's started to not going to her crate to sleep and instead wanting on the couch. (which is fine by us)

I'm just wondering if she's going to not like her crate anymore since she doesn't sleep in it at night and is only in it for 4 hours during the day or if she doesn't go potty when we know she has to.

If anyone has any advice & if we're creating a little monster who's going to end up hating her crate please let me know now so we can quickly make some changes!

Padden's 14 weeks now.