I wanted to ask the same question! I knew that Cavaliers were affectionate and great companions but I had no idea HOW MUCH. I keep telling my husband "You wouldn't believe how much Charley follows me around" and he says back "That's what you wanted" as if I'm complaining. But I'm not! I love it!

The only thing that concerns me is when I'm cooking. Charley literally follows me around the kitchen and is underfoot and at some point in his training class I hope we come to the point of teaching our dogs to stay in one place for a significant amount of time when we tell them to. Charley stays in his crate if I put him in there, which is not in the kitchen, or on the couch, but cries if I put him in another room behind the gate and I'm in the kitchen and he wants to be near me.

Wherever my family is, if I get up to get something in another room, Charley follows me, unless he is SOUND asleep, and I mean the sound asleep, snoring kind of sleep where he hasn't heard me get up. Otherwise he ALWAYS gets up to follow me.

I never get sick of him. I missed him when we recently went on vacation.

Who knows? If he stopped following me I might start following him!