Hi everyone. I am new here. We just got our second cavalier - Ronnie. He was abandoned by his owner and after a week of watching him and a visit to the vet, we are pretty sure he was abandoned because of SM. What a shame. He is such a beautiful, loving boy. We live part of the year in Michigan and part of the year in Arizona, can anyone recommend a vet that is familiar with treatment and surgical procedures in either of those areas? I really think we want to pursue sugery as soon as possible. Evrything I read seems to indicate that this is the best way for a good recovery? Ronnie is waking and yelping at night, scratching the air probably 20 times or more a day and cannot tolerate a leash or a sweater or being petted on the head. He also walks with his head crooked to one side when he is in pain. Any suggestions or help or thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated. - Michelle