I'm so excited! I finally signed Chester up for his first agility class at the lovely Richmond SPCA! It's a 7-week Intro to Agility course and if he does well I plan to continue with additional courses.

The Richmond SPCA went through some major renovations some years ago and they have an amazing indoor area where they have their classes. I've been there for their "Canine Cafe" gatherings and the room is HUGE and they have all the really cool agility props. Here's the pic of of the room from their website:

The first class is Monday, Feb 5 at 8:30pm and it lasts an hour. The class is limited to 6 dogs so hopefully everyone will get plenty of help/attention. I hope Chester enjoys it and has fun.

If anyone has any advice for us please let me know. I'm very excited and I'll post an update after the first class.

-Monica & Chester