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Thread: Sleep Problems

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    Well here's the update.

    Last night I tried all your suggestions, covering up, not making a fuss when going out, saying no second time she woke and what a result

    Our little darling slept from 10.30pm until 4.45am, I would have usually been on my third trip out by then! She then settled until 5.45 and started barking I told her no and after a few mins she stopped until my girls got up at 6am.

    Fantastic we are all feeling so refreshed and hoping for the same again tonight.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Good please to hear this hope it keeps going for you -----Aileen
    cavaliers at the bridge Mattie and Rocky & Sam & Jake
    Better to light a candle for one lost dog than to curse the darkness of man's indifference. Saving just one dog won't change the world but it surely will change the world for that one dog.


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