Bentley has not been diagnosed, but I have my suspicions about SM with him...

my question; Have any of you with SM positive dogs noticed a correlation between an increase in scratching, restlessness and symptoms in general when your dogs have to poo?

I've noticed with Bentley that when he needs to poo he has been scratching a lot and is very restless. Once he poos he is able to relax and scratching stops.

He scratches predominately on his right side... his right hind leg tries to scratch the floor. He is trying for his right neck, shoulder, ear, because sometimes he reaches that area, however, mostly he is pounding at the floor with his hind right leg.

I would appreciate any thoughts. I am compiling information for when I talk with his vet about this. I don't want to be at all vague and uncertain when I speak with her; I'm compiling printouts and journaling what I notice is odd. I've tried getting video but that is proving difficult.