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Thread: Luke attached Pippin twice

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    I know nothing about pack of dogs and behaviour but your getting great help here from what I read. I just wanted to add something I noticed. It appears to me the trouble started with dogcare - its possible Luke learned this behaviour there - maybe has had to adopt this attitude to get by in his day with other pushy dogs. I realize regardless of where/why it started it must be dealt with, but perhaps daycare is not the best environment now. Is there a home with one other dog he can go to or would having a petsitter come in work better, till you get back to where you were.

    I can imagine how this puts you are pins and needles. If I get a little puppy nip, I am reacting for a bit pulling my hands away faster than normal. This must be nerve wracking for you and your sister but keep working on it.

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    Debbie - thanks for your insight about daycare. I hadn't noticed that the first incident was 3 days after Luke's first daycare visit. The daycare facility said he did great both times, but maybe it has put him on edge because he doesn't handle change well. More to consider.
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    I apologize, Charleen. I didn't mean to downplay your sister being bitten in any way.

    I had resource guarding problems with Bentley where he did bite me once, and I know it is very frightening.

    I was able to manage and diffuse the problem with guidance from the book I mentioned, but I do have a lot of experience with dealing with many dogs at once.

    Karlin is certainly right on with advising you to get professional advice right away.
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    Hi Charleen,

    I have read this through and prepared a number of replies but I really feel that you need to find a behaviourst who

    1. Has dealt with aggression and resource guarding
    2. Does not rely on dominance theories and rank reduction techniques
    3. Is APDT certified and experienced
    4. Uses appropriate methods of behaviour modification

    Personally I feel this could be a case of resource guarding and that you are the resource but I couldn't tell without assessing the dog(s). It probably started a while ago with subtle signals being displayed and you can probably think back and remember a few of these signals now.

    Other than that I can only advise you to nip it right in the bud, get good advice and get it sorted. You are an experienced dog owner so try and not let this shake you. You should, however go with what your chosen behaviourist advises.

    If you could contact Dee Ganley and ask her for help I feel you would get results.

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarbMazz
    Have you heard of Patricia McConnell? She is an applied animal behaviorist, and her books are wonderful. She wrote The Other End of the Leash, and many other books.

    She has a wonderful little booklet about living with a pack in your home.. here's a link:

    The booklet is called Feeling Outnumbered?
    How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household

    It's $8.95 and worth every penny!
    Good luck... I know what you're going through is scary. I do think it's manageable though!
    Yes, this is the book I was planning to recommend. I bought my copy from our APDT certified trainer. This book is a real eye opener into the pack dynamics of pet dogs in the home.
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