Doesn't sound like much, but the for the VERY FIRST TIME I was able to walk Riley up and down a sidewalk in lovely downtown WITHOUT any tension on the leash!!!
"So what?", you may be thinking. Ahh, if only you knew that since he was 4 months old and able to walk outside on a leash he has NEVER walked with me without pulling. I have been to 4 different training classes and through 5 different trainers at this point, all without being able to actually walk my dog on a loose leash. For months our walks have not been any fun and have been very short and constantly peppered with stops and turns and so much more. So frustrating! Finally now at one year and 2 months old, we did it! With the help of a wonderful trainer who worked with me and Riley just today, in one session, we were able to do it downtown amisdt all the lovely shops, cafes, and people with kids and dogs.
I have always dreamed of this. I has only been a dream up until today. I had been "overtrained" myself and had "over-learned" all the things you are supposed to do when walking a dog. This trainer showed me how to relax and just walk. Sounds ridiculously easy, right? Well, no one ever showed me how to do that. And Riley just blossomed!! He was relaxed and happy and just absolutely lovely. I never really got to see just how beautiful and amazing he is. I could cry just thinking of how he looked, and how I felt walking him. I am absolutely thrilled!!
She showed me how to walk my dog, and Riley showed me how brilliant he is and how much fun we can have. I feel so ashamed that this lovely little dog was not able to show me his potential all this time, because i didn't know how to let him.
In my zeal to be so "perfect", I forgot how to relax and have fun. Riley always knew how, I just needed to be reminded by the right person.
I just want to say that now I can really enjoy having my little Cavalier, who everyone could see is so lovely. Now I can finally see it too and I am so proud of him and so lucky.
Sorry I rambled, I was just bursting and I had to share.