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Thread: feeding puppy food to adult dog...

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    I have the same kind of thing here, but for my cat. He can only eat one kind of food without having a UTI, but someone else bought the cat food (Bubba of course! ) so it's taking a bit to clear things up. Especially after I had the vet order the food that he eats and Bub kept feeding the wrong thing.

    I met a very dear man here recently. One of those "accidental" things that don't seem to be such an accident later. I was waiting on Bubba to get to this man's business and went inside. The man and I started talking and somehow (?) the talk came around to animals. He was telling me that he feeds about 7 cats outside his business and that he also picks up strays on the road and finds homeless cats in other ways and takes them in. He actually built an addition to his house to make a home for a lot of the cats. He find homes for them but takes care of them in the meantime. I made a donation to him for his efforts - which he tried to refuse - and the other day I realized that I have two partial bags of food that are good food just something I can't use. I really admire him for what he is doing because so many people just don't care. I intend to take him a big bag of litter and maybe some more food soon. (After doing wildlife work where everyone expects you to take in animals and they think that you are getting paid to do that I realize even more how anyone who takes in any kind of animal can use financial help in taking care of them).

    Sorry - long winded me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nisha
    thanks for the quick replys

    well actually just 2 quickly clarify both of the bags were opened before the mistake was realised but none of the food had been touched yet.. so its really not the pet shops fault

    Because the needs for a puppy differ from that of an adult dog I personally wouldn't be comfortable feeding them puppy food. You are risking at the very least weight gain from the puppy food
    yeah that is what i was afraid of...i dont know if this is true but ive heard that puppy food makes the puppy grow faster than usual than if the dog was on normal food so i was afraid my two would start gaining weight rapidly and growing more than normal...

    my main concern is if that (above) happens...though im still not sure if its true...could anyone clarify that please?
    ahhh that makes more sense - in fairness to the store, definately they cant return your money. I know its such a waste, but I would go buy new and maybe use a bit of the other as treats or throw it out.

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    Thanks for all that! i considered mixing half and half with the adult food but when Karlin suggested giving it to a local dog shelter i thought that was an excellent idea! i cant believe i didnt even think about it!...went in today and gave them the bags...they greatly apprieciated it...felt good

    thanks for all your help
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    My pet shop said they would swap the unopened bag so I did that today in the end. I have some puppy food left to mix for a week.

    I feel bad but I don't drive so I can't get to any shelters. We don't have any near. I have to watch my pennies too


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