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Thread: Dylan is a hit in Lloyds Bank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishmosh
    I didn't know you could take a dog into a bank!
    You can take a Cavalier anywhere, it's a law King Charles made that was never changed. I take Dylan into any shop that doesn't sell food.

    And I quote:

    The royal name, 'King Charles Spaniel' was bestowed during the reign of King Charles II, who was so fond of his spaniels he could not be parted from them. He made a decree that King Charles Spaniels must be allowed in any public place, including the House of Parliament. This decree is still in the law books today.

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    I heard about that edict from King Charles a number of years ago.

    I called the President of the Canadian Cavalier Club and was told that up until 1959 (I think), all Registered Cavaliers came with a Royal Warrant!!!!

    You could take them anywhere in the British Royal Decree.

    I wanted a certificate for our Charley soooo much!

    We always took Charley everywhere but food stores.

    Mary Alice is too rascally, but we're working on taking her everywhere too!


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