This poor little baby girl has been stuck in the Tampa Animal Services shelter for over a month. I am amazed that she has survived this long because it is a HIGH kill shelter. when I was trying to find out more about her, there were over THIRTY pages of dogs (with at least 20 per page). There are several "spaniel mixes" so I am going to take another look around when I am there to see if anyone else needs rescuing. They have been wonderful and are allowing rescue to take her in, so I am picking her up after work tomorrow. Here she is, she is definetly a mix, but has the cavie chestnut markings. the poor baby is scared to death and I can't wait to get her out of this hell hole!!

We never would have known about this baby without the wonderful women at the shelter contacting us and we are soooo grateful! If you want to be involved in rescue, simply leave your name and number at your local shelter/county animal services and they will contact you if a baby needs your help!!!