Well...my contact is at the shelter right now filling out the application to get her out. We have had to fight, make a thousand phone calls and lie through our teeth to pull this off.

I figured out a way around the system...I am going to transfer Stewie to my MIL's name so that way I have a "free spot" in the hillsborough county computers so we won't have to go through this again. We have joint custody with my in-laws anyhow, so he spends every other week there, which is where he will be when I foster.

This is absolutely ridiculous that to the county, it seems more appropriate to keep a dog in a shelter with 500 other animals, then to give it to a person in a HOME with 4 dogs. Give me a break.

I am expecting a phone call in the next 5 minutes that she is out...cross your fingers. Then it is off to the vet for her, and the groomers!!