What a sigh of relief!! I picked the sweet baby up form the groomers yesterday around 4pm and she smelled soooo good!! The poor little thing just seemed in shell shock and just curled into a little ball in my arms. She was a dream in the car and stayed in my lap with her head of my chest and just looked at me with these big sad eyes.

I took her to the vet and he said that she seemed healthy (minus the irregular heart beat) and that she showed no signs of coughing or nasal discharge. He said that if anything, the little baby probably contracted kennel cough while in the shelter and it had probably already run its course. She would no longer be contagious and I shouldn't have to isolate her. (I decided to anyhow so that my boys don't trample the poor little thing when she comes home)

She got back to my house and I took her on a short walk up and down the street. She looooves to be on the leash and outside. She just perked up and wagged her tail and pottied the second her feet hit the grass. When she came inside though, she became nervous again and went back into the "shell shock mode". I blocked her off in the sunroom and she had her own little room with a view of the golf course and a warm bed. She had no idea what to do with the bed and layed on the tile, so I picked her up and put her gently on the bed. She kept lifting her paws because she didn't know what it was . Eventaully she layed down and went to sleep for several hours. What a day!!

Later, around 11, she woke up and came up to the door looking for me and I again took her for a little walk. Again, she perked up, did a little prance and put her paws on my thigh and did a cavie stretch My heart just leaped out of my chest and I gave her tons of hugs and praise.

This morning she seemed like a different dog, she was happier and a lot more outgoing. I can't wait to get home from work and post pictures. She looks so different than that terrified little girl in the shelter