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Thread: Help! PetCare, PetPlan and Embrace

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    Default Help! PetCare, PetPlan and Embrace

    Ok...looking for opinions on pet insurance. I was already to enroll with PetCare today and then started going back and forth regarding 90% coverage or 70% coverage w/ double illness. Unfortunately, 90% double illness isn't in the monthly budget at this point. But, I thought I would survey the competition before making it official. I was very excited to see that PetPlan now has a US site, but unfortunately, they're not available in MN yet.

    So, I stumbled upon Embrace Pet Insurance. Their website is a bit underdeveloped in that you can't get online quotes, you have to call their 1-800 number. However, they do have a very informative blog that outlines the plan highlights:


    They cover genetic conditions and offer a prescription plan, as well as continuing care endorsement. It's also customizable in that you set the limits, copay and deductible to reach your coverage/budget criteria. It looks good...but, since I don't have much experience with pet insurance, I'm a bit leary to go with a new company without hearing any positive, do any of you have experience with Embrace? Any thoughts on the coverage and information included in the blog? I just want to make the best decision possible within my means!
    Lindsay, Andy and Gracie (our 11 month old Blenheim bundle of joy!)

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    I don't have any experience with filing claims yet, but I ended up going with Embrace. They were incredibly helpful and thorough and gave me my quote over the phone, as well as sent it to me via e-mail to go over. They offer lots of discounts, such as certain percentages off for microchipping, spaying/neutering, multiple pets, vet employee, or if it's offered as an employee benefit. I did the $10000/year, 10% copay, $200 deductible and have a discount for microchipping, and it's $29.45/month. It'll go down to about $26 (I think) once I have her spayed. You can also get dental and prescription coverage for about $10 more a month. There is a 14 day waiting period for illness and a 48 hour wait for injury once coverage is started. Preventive care isn't covered, but thank God that genetic conditions are. It can't hurt to call them and make your own opinion of them, but I just really liked them a lot. Petplan isn't offered in my state, so it wasn't an option for me, but that was my 2nd choice. Hope this helped a little. Good luck!!! If you have anymore questions about Embrace, just send me a message, and I'll try to help!
    Jessica, mom to Ruby, 1 yr. old blenheim


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