Here are the submissions for bath time pictures: (forgot to say....we'll leave the polls open until next Saturday night, the 17th of March and I'll close it in the a.m.)

Ollie (Cavalicious)

Merlin & Oakley (Merlinsmum)

Harvey (Harvey's mum)

Wesley (My Wesley)

Clancy (BarbMazz)

Alfie (Yvonne117)

Dazzy (Bruce H)

Toby (Blue Star)

Bono (Jenny)

Cedar (MovieDust)

Harvey (Kelz)

Spencer & Tilly (Lindsay)

Puppies (Andrea & Diva's mom)

Rosie (Mycavyangels)

Coco (Coco's mom)

Rosie (Jin)

Lucky (Lani)

Robbie (DebJen)

Annie (Annies Peeps)

Lia (Laura & Lia)

Willow (Willows mom)